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Interview of one of our school stars

Interview of one of our school stars :

“Elisa Saez, the International Ice-skater”

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, in the school library, at lunchtime
Benjamin: “Hello Elisa! Can you introduce yourself, please?
Elisa: Yes, of course! So my name is Elisa SAEZ, I am 14, I live in Bordeaux and I am in 3° in this secondary school.
Charles: How old were you when you started ice-skating?
Elisa: I was 5! I have been ice-skating for 9 years now, I did 4 years of artistic solo and 5 years of couple ice-skating.
Carl: Why did you choose this sport?
Elisa: My older sister made me discover this sport which she loved!
Natasha: How old is your partner and what’s his name?
Elisa: His name is Tristan, he was in this school last year, he is 15, one year older than me!
Charlotte: How often do you practice?
Elisa: Ten hours a week and more when I am on holidays, about 3 hours a day!
Matilde: Do you often participate to international competitions?
Elisa: About once or twice a month and as my family has to pay for my trips and hotels, my father has a second job.
Nils: How many big international competitions have you won so far?
Elisa: 5 of them: one in Moscow in 2010, 2 in Tyrnavia in slovakia, one in Lyon.
Benjamin: Do you have enough time for your homework?
Elisa: Yes, because I am very organized! I do my homework for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the week-end and my homework for Thursday and Friday on Wednesday afternoon!
Nils: Do you want to be a professional ice-skater later?
Elisa: Oh, no!! I want to be in the Army. I ‘d love to be a paratrooper!
Charlotte: What time do you get up every morning?
Elisa: At 5 o’clock because I start practicing at the ice-rink at 6 a.m. but I go to bed at 9:30 p.m. every evening.
Natasha: Aren’t you too tired sometimes to go there?
Elisa: Yes, I am sometimes very tired but I still go because if I stop ice-skating, I won’t be the same! And I do all that for my grandparents to be proud of me..but it’s a long family story…you know!
Carl: Have you ever met very famous stars for real?
Elisa: Yes, I have seen many very famous ice-skaters when I went to the Courchevel Gala; it’s a big international show in the Alps where all the well-known ice-skaters from many countries meet. We also ice-skated there! It was a big thing!!
Matilde: Does your body ache sometimes?
Elisa: Yes, it does, with all that tiring training! I need to be healthy, not injured. We often get cut on the ice. Also, I am not allowed to ride a motorbike, to ski, to skate or to practice any water sports like jet-ski or speed boat.
Charles: Do you only ice-skate when you train?
Elisa: No, we have an hour and a half of running and gym every week, another hour of hip-hop dancing and the rest is ice-skating.
Nils: What is a star for you?
Elisa: For me, nobody is superior , everybody has his or her own qualities and being a star can be stopped at any time. I don’t like people with big heads! According to me, stars do not exist!
Carl: If you were able to participate to the next Olympic Games, would you go?
Elisa: I surely would!
Charlotte: Who is your favourite star?
Elisa: The French Canadian singer GAROU, I think he is so nice and gentle, I love his personality and you know what…when I was little, I was in love with him, he has such beautiful eyes!!
Benjamin: Thanks a lot, Elisa, for answering all these questions! Bye and Good Luck!
Elisa: Thank you! Bye! Bye!”